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Hidden inside the small streets named Hoa Hung of District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Minh Chau Restaurant & Coffee shines as a pearl in this zone.

Minh Chau Hotel architecture follows French style which is romantic and close to nature. The cover of Minh Chau is made from trees that were carefully selected from the color, shape to the fragrance and under the miraculous hand of the passionate bonsai artists, a structure carrying exquisite beauty and getting harmony between colors and scents has been created. It is only the appearance of the bright pearl. Besides the inside of it is more than just a paradise awaiting your discovery.

As soon as setting foot on Minh Chau, you see that flowers on the scaffolds and walls washed by the stones, and many other ornamentals are meticulously shaped to give you a feeling of beginning relaxation because the colors of leaves is that of comfort.

Reataurant - Minh Chau Hotel

Moreover, to create comfort and an attentive service for all customers, the restaurant area is divided into lots of space, in accordance with the requirements and objectives of individual customers. Whether you belong to any class, any age or whether you come alone, travel with friends, family, have a meeting with business partners, or even when you just love peace, Minh Chau always offers the space suiting you best.

Minh Chau’s top floor exists a natural garden with plants and cloud suitable for those customers who like to get close to nature. With more than 20 meters height in structure, you can enjoy your meal while just watching the surroundings. A large space designed with glass allows you to admire the outer scene whether it is sunny or rainy. When there is some sunshine, all the windows are opened to catch breeze, which makes you feel like sitting on an island of the sea. A romantic scene comes up when it rains because in the situation, windows are closed and then you can enjoy your drink and watch the rain through the glass screen. The rainwater outside should vary the emotional soul. But the most impressive feature of the top floor is that in the evening, you can see light illuminated from the rotation of the clock as apparantly big as Big Ben in England.

A more interesting point caught in the restaurant is the seat. The chairs at first glance may have nothing special but they bring the feeling of swinging; therefore, you are allowed to let yourself flow just like on the swinging chairs. Also it has space for cool waterfalls pouring from tiger’s mouth or fountain and space for children to look at dolls, animal statues. Moreover, to create more interest for customers, Minh Chau designs a miniature model of city unique and very artistic.

The kitchen space has a glass design so you can witness the chef cooking and processing food. In particular, the criteria of Minh Chau is “not only for good quality but also for health" so the food is selected very carefully and offers clear origin.

Coming here, you will find comfortable moments and it should be interesting to see such a distinctive architecture and enjoy the attentive service from a staff of trained professionals.